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Samson Rope

Rope and cords made of Nylon, Polyester, Spectra, Dyneema & Vectran, Amsteel™, Static™, Stable Braid™, Ultra Blue™, Tech 12™, Arbormaster™, True Blue™, Arborplex™

Twine and Cords

Twine & Cords

USDA Butcher Twine, Machine Tying Twine, Balloon & Tag String, Sashcord, Mason Line, Filler Cords, Button Tufting & Spring Twine, Flower Twine, Jute & Sisal

Thread and Rope

Thread & Rope

Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyester, Kevlar, Nomex, Cotton, Linen, Fiberglass, Embalmers Thread, Webbing

Mil-Spec Cords and Thread

Mil-Spec Cords and Thread

Linen, Nylon, Polyester, Fiberglass, Nomex, Kevlar, Waxed Linen & Unwaxed Linen, Parachute Cord, Nets, Twisted & Braided

Sewn Products

Sewn Products

Elastic, Drawcords, Shoelaces, Twill Tape, Webbing, Thread, Mesh Fabric, Cable Cord Filler

Venetian Blinds, Window Coverings, Drapery

Venetian Blinds, Window Coverings, Drapery

Pull Cords - .09 mm, 1.4 mm, 1.8 mm and other sizes and colors, Ladder Tape, Hardware, Weights, Pinhooks, Shirring Tapes, Buckram

Wire Fillers and Cable Fillers

Wire & Cable Fillers

Jute, Polypropylene (Flame Retardant), Cotton, Nylon, Kevlar, Nomex, Paper, Fiberglass

Indian Head Mills
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